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Maveric Serie


Welcome to ST8TS (“states”) the golf brand for golfers of all ages, from 4 up to a 100!

The main goal of ST8TS is to provide the proper equipment for not only adults, but also young players. No child, teenager or adult is the same and while growing up it is important to have a well fitted set of clubs that meet the perfect length, weight, strength and swing speed for every player.

In the years to come ST8TS will do its part, as sponsor of the TopGolf Holland Tour, the Faldo Series and the ST8TS TGH Dutch Junior Open. All this to make sure that the young players of the future will experience golf with even more enjoyment and excitement.

For more information, please contact us at:

Head Office Netherlands

Phone:           +31 (0) 343 442 537

Account manager USA

Phone:           +31 (0) 612 301 370